Anne Lützenkirchen (Hg.)
Soziale BeziehunWolfram Schulze, Ondrej Botek
Competent handling of psychological illness and stress at the workplace
Occupational Social Work in Germanygen und Soziale Arbeit

167 Seiten, Lage 2017, 978-3-89918-256-9, 22 Euro

Psychological illness and stress at the workplace have increased. Support for people concerned as well as their relatives, colleagues, executives and leaders in various organizations is offered by Occupational Social Work (OSW). Other terms are Occupational Social Counseling, Health Counseling or Employee Assistance Program. In Germany OSW concludes a psychosocial care gap on the background of lacking ambulatory psychotherapeutical provision and saves costs for the health care system and rehabilitation system. It provides reactive AND preventive adequate expert assistance for the benefit of all involved parties.

The book describes historical developments and depicts empirically insights in the given context for Germany in relation to Austria and Slovakia. Inter alia assets and drawbacks of internal and external social counseling are illuminated on a research base. Therefore the book is knowledgeable basis for social workers, occupational physicians and psychologists, work safety staff as well as personnel and works councils. At the same time, it provides decision-making support for the economic AND socially responsible management of the company.

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